Thank you for your time in considering our proposal to completely auto detail your vehicles and help you increase your sales. Car Pretty, is a loyal and highly dedicated auto detail shop that always provides top quality and great service.

We supply our own transfer plates (IT), and have porters to pick up and drop off your vehicles. Car Pretty supplies the industry leading insurance with the top coverage amount ($2,000,000). Car Pretty prides itself in great service and customer satisfaction, and would love for you to be a part of it, and get that service you deserve.

Joseph Z. Spandiary
Car Pretty
3402 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062


The exterior of the vehicle is completely hand washed with soft fabrics and pads. It is then clay barred to remove all the tar, grease, scratches, bird stains, micro-marring, and any other imperfections that might be embedded in the clear-coat and paint.

We apply premium products to all vehicles. We buff a premium glaze to the entire vehicle to assure a complete glossy finish. Door jams, wheels, wheel wells, and moldings are attended to with detail. We dress all exterior moldings, bumpers, and tires.

The engine is completely cleaned then shined. The interior of your car is cleaned by an industry changing method, “Tomador”. The “Tomador” is a new innovative way to detail the interior of the vehicle completely. It deep cleans plastics, fabrics, vinyl, and even leather; lifting all grime and embedded dirt.